Our MINI MOVERS class is an exciting start into the world of dance for both girls and boys aged 3- 5 years. This class appeals to children who love to dance, move, sing, role-play and be imaginative. We aim to inspire the children to be themselves and express their feelings through movement and dance. As their first step into the dance world, we will ensure that they have the most enjoyable experience! The children will learn basic skills and knowledge such as strength, balance, movement memory, parts of the body, colours, counting and social interaction through creative games and routines.

The sessions are fun and educational with a goal that the children leave the class feeling motivated and with a sense of achievement. We like to think that the children find it rewarding but parents and carers alike as they see their children progress from week to week.



Our MIDI MOVERS class offers a variety of dance styles to those who are passionate about dance and those who are interested in trying new things. Rarely do you find a dance class that offers the chance to experience a range of styles within one class. We have found that this is not only beneficial to the children but also to the parents financially. This class covers styles such as, Street Dance, Contemporary, Rock & Roll and Musical Theatre. This class will help to lead to a much clearer understanding of what style of dance suits each child and where their passion lies. By attending this class, children will improve their confidence, fitness, strength, balance, flexibility and movement memory.

We strive to bring the best out in each child by encouraging them to be themselves and provide them with the tools to be able to choreograph within group and independently. This class is perfect for children who are unsure of what they like and for those who absorb dance. We cater for all!



‘STREET DANCE’ is a broad term for the dance style that we offer in this class. It encompasses many other styles such as Hip Hop, Commercial, Tutting, Waacking and Voguing. We also experiment with cultural influences. This class is an extremely popular choice and we feel a lot can be gained from it too. It is a great way to improve fitness, strength, flexibility, co – ordination, confidence, performance, brain power and much more. Whether a beginner or someone with dance background, STREET DANCE will benefit everyone.                                                                                                                                                

We push our dancers to be the best they can be by building them up to become leaders within the class and to be able to choreograph and work in various groups and independently. In some cases, dancers who have the potential and wish to pursue a career in dance are invited to join our TEEN CREW where they have more intense training and perform regularly at local events and displays.



CONTEMPORARY is an expressive dance style that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Our CONTEMPORARY classes focus on versatility, building strength, improving technique and connecting the body and mind through movement. It enables dancers to perform freely without structured movements, to relish the challenges within this style of dance and to gain a passion and sense of well-being.

Regularly training in this style will help to progress in other dance styles too and by adding in cultural and personal influences to our choreography, make our classes unique.



ADULT BEGINNERS is perfect for those who are keen but have never danced before or to those who have had minimal dance training.  At Dance Fusion, we will take you through the basics at your own pace. This class is a great way to burn calories and a fun way to learn in an environment where others are also beginners!. Dance has also proven to reduce stress, improve motor function, cognitive function, mental symptoms, and overall quality of life. Street Dance allows you to improve and challenge yourself in many ways. Whether the focus is on strength and fitness or technique and skill, dance will guarantee to stimulate the mind.

What will you get out of the class?

  • Improvement in posture, co-ordination and movement memory.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Develop greater balance, flexibility and strength.
  • Learn skills and techniques of Street dance and extended routines.
  • Allow you to be sociable and meet new people.
  • Time for you to have fun and de-stress.